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tony and pepper @ livejournal

your tony stark and pepper potts community

The Tony&Pepper Livejournal Community
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Tony Stark & Pepper Potts Shippers from the "Iron Man" movie and comic books

· about us ·

Welcome to the LJ community for Tony/Pepper shippers from the Iron Man universe, here we celebrate all incarnations of Tony Stark and Virginia "Pepper" Potts. So, join in - bring your discussion, squee, news, stories, art, and general shenanigans.

For security reasons, the membership of this community is moderated. That means that the mods will receive your request to join, and will approve/reject it. If your journal is brand new, with no entries, friends or comments, you need to leave a comment AT THIS POST after clicking join, otherwise you won't be approved. If you think you have been rejected unfairly, please send a PM to one of the mods and we will work it out.


· rules ·

 ▪ This community is for discussions, stories, fanart, and fangirling/fanboying of Pepper/Tony - the pairing, the individual characters, and the actors who portray them in the movies. Please, stay on topic.

 ▪ Picspams or large photos must be posted behind a cut. Thumbnail previews are great.

 ▪ This is also a community that includes some adult material. All posts containing non-work safe material must be behind a cut and have the proper warnings.

 ▪ Spoilers should be placed behind a cut, with proper warning. If you are unsure about what would be considered a spoiler, you are welcome to pm a mod about it first.

 ▪ Please use appropriate tags for your posts. You can find a list of available tags here. Please pay attention to this. Duplicate entries will be deleted to avoid spam for our member's friendslist.

▪ When posting photos/articles/etc, please credit the source.

▪ When you compose a post to the community, please make sure it is set to "Members only" (the default setting).

▪ Don't post obvious troll threads, or start flame wars. We all love the couple, and we all have strong opinions. Please remember that, and respect each other. If you think someone is trolling, please report them to the mods.

▪ Don't join the community with several accounts. Sockpuppeting will not be tolerated.

 ▪ The tonypepper community hosts civil discussions and we always want to keep the conversation welcoming, inclusive, and a positive experience. Please remember that others will be reading what you write without knowledge of your state of mind or sarcastic intent. Other obnoxious behavior, such as spam, also detracts from the quality of conversation.

No intro posts, please! Really, just jump right into any post - all are welcome and we don't bite.

 ▪ Questions? PM roboticonograph, luckytohaveher or serenachan.

· affiliates ·


- Pepper/Tony Fanlisting.
Wildly Conflicted - T/P Fanfiction Fanlisting.

· etc ·

COMMUNITY MODERATORS: roboticonograph, luckytohaveher and serenachan
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